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See (for an example)

Also weed card, the plugin source code (latest version currently released) is at


Description Comment
Title Description of Widget Area for
its Heading
Select Include to also include
in the front-end output.
View All URL When the front-end user selects
View All, this is the website URL that the browser is referred
to. By default, there is a category page based on the category
name slug (“organizational-behavior”) for the site — in

If an alternate URL is provided, then the browser goes to the
alternate site instead.
The category slug is provided later with “Category Name for
Post Carousel”
By default it would most likely
not be enabled.  Include selects whether it shows enabled on
the front end page.
Base String for the Post URL
For example if all of the URL
overrides are from
then this base string of “”
could be use to shorten the override values.
Checking exclude means that this
feature is not used, just like starting the text with “Do Not
Custom Field Name for Each Post
URL Override
The plugin takes posts within a
category (selected by Select a Category) and lists them to
access them.  However, if there is a custom-field declared for
the post URL, then those posts that have that custom-field
defined are redirected to the Base String + Custom-field Value
Keep in mind that posts still
need to be made for each entry, so the artwork can carry over.
Category Name for Post Carousel Only posts that have the
specified category name (slug) will be posted and all others
The disabled text box shows the
current value.   The widget needs to be saved in order to use
it best.



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